Humanitarian organization “St. Spas”

The humanitarian organization of the Skopje Orthodox Diocese at the MPC-OA “St. Spas” aims to help all people who need help, regardless of religion, nationality, political affiliation and so on. Assistance consists of food, hygiene products, footwear, renovation and construction of homes, assistance in raising funds for operations, etc. It was formed with the blessing of the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia gg. For the time being, Stefan helps over 350 families to whom he continuously, every month, brings food, hig. products, clothing, etc. Our helpers in humanity are: ZEGIN, Avicenna, ANAKOM, ores MM PEKABESKO, Cargo Express, Gylfi OIL, health Rado, VOD SOLUTIONS, alkaloids, RADE KONCHAR service RADE KONCHAR TEP, OLISHPED, VS Professional, lactic RESTAURANT Antonio RESKOM RESEN, MILANBS BLAZE TRANSPORT, confectionery KARMEN, ZIM-08, MUNICIPALITY OF KISELA VODA, TOBACCO PERSON, Suzana Pavlovska, Dejan Dokulevski, Natasa Cerekovic, brother Ivica, Viktor Naumovski, Blagoja and Margarita Ivanovski, Ana Nikolosenki, Vandarovski Pegarovska Se Velkovski, … many anonymous brothers and sisters, as well as all temples and priests from the Skopje Orthodox Diocese, and of course we must mention the people who set aside their modest incomes every month to help socially disadvantaged brothers and sisters.